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8/28/22 Only Jesus (Mark 9:1-10)


Are we spiritually alive, in an authentic relationship with Christ? Because people can tell and it draws them in. Jesus Christ has resolved all of my problems. We live by this covenant alone, and it gives us life. We can’t just know this with our brain, but live this truth. We need to let Jesus be the driver, and master of our lives. When we go all in into the gospel, God can go all out in our lives. The scripture tells us why these things aren’t working. It is because your life hasn’t concluded in only Jesus.

1.Only Jesus Remained

Jesus takes the disciples to the mountains and is transfigured. There, they see Jesus with Moses and Elijah, who are considered the greatest leaders in Israelite history, but God is showing that ultimately, all of the great prophets in the old testament all point to Jesus, and to his death and resurrection. What is remaining and deeply rooted in your heart and controlling you? It could be money, fame or pleasure. People will pay so much money to keep themselves occupied with fun.

People mistaken Christianity as keeping a moral system, but if that were so, then it would be no different than Buddhism or Confucianism. However, Paul tells us that “the righteous shall live by faith”, but without the complete conclusion of Christ, Christians have no choice but to live legalistic and judgemental lives. Others mistaken Christianity as experiencing mystical power. Christianity is living an authentic life in Jesus. However, without the complete conclusion of Christ, Christians have no choice but to fall into mysticism. We need to realize that we are created to obey God, but most of us obey something or someone else. People with little self-esteem will do anything to receive people’s recognition and praise. Instead, let’s follow the covenant and come to the conclusion of only Christ, so that only Jesus will remain in our hearts.

2. Correct Christian Life Must Be Established

Successful life is not in our accomplishments or purchases, but in living a real and authentic life in Christ. We need to begin our Christian life with the gospel as our center. Then, the greatest and truest miracle of believing in Jesus Christ will take place. What would your life be without Jesus Christ?

On the mountain, the disciples experienced Jesus as God, not as the prophet everyone else saw him as. As we live our lives in the miracle, we can see the true problem of the world, and what they need. The correct Christian life we need to establish is a life in which the gospel is established.

3. Be Able to See the Glory of Christ Daily in My Life

Verse 1 speaks of some who will experience the kingdom of God after it comes with power. What Jesus spoke of was the Mount of Transfiguration, and Acts 2, where the Early Church experiences the power of the Holy Spirit coming upon them. God tells them “This is my beloved son; listen to him.”, meaning to listen to the word to receive the spiritual power to transcend ourselves. We need this time of transfiguration, this personal worship time with God. So many of us know the gospel so well, but haven’t experienced God’s power of transfiguration, a time to personally meet God. Only Jesus needs to take place. We think that by forcing things, things will work out, but it pushes them away. Instead, the Holy Spirit needs to work, and for that to happen, we need that time of transfiguration through daily personal worship, finding a time to focus only on the gospel. We cannot move the world if we are still living in the world, nor can we save our friends if we are living following the world with them. We lost the devil everyday even though we’re guaranteed victory. How we stand before God is everything, so let’s restore summit time through God’s word. Forum is about finding practical applications to apply God’s word into our lives.

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