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7/9/23 Hezekiah’s Faith and Prayer (2 Kings 19:14-20)


We have a choice: to stand in faith or disbelief before the Lord. King Hezekiah is dealing with his life’s greatest crisis. The kings of Assyria are out to destroy the nation of Israel. The Israelites are trembling in fear while King Hezekiah stands in faith. They forgot that they are God’s chosen people: rescued from slavery and guided through the wilderness.

We have new everlasting life in Christ and promised he would use us as his ambassadors. However, we may be facing problems just like Hezekiah. There are so many things in this world that seem greater than Christ. We all face problems as we live in this world, yet we have a choice: to stand in faith or disbelief. In this generation where people are straying far from God, God has called and chosen us.

What is our greatest enemy?

1. Disbelief is our greatest enemy

Disbelief is spiritual cancer planted by Satan. It may seem insignificant but it creeps in and completely changes our spiritual state, invading our thoughts and actions. The sin that Adam and Eve committed was not because they chose to eat a fruit, but their disbelief. The Israelites had experienced the power of God through the miracle of the Passover and the splitting of the Red Sea, yet they still had disbelief. God has blessed us in a way nothing in the world can, yet we still have disbelief. The Early Church held onto the gospel, yet Ananais and Sephira had disbelief and sinned against God. Disbelief is our greatest enemy. We don’t believe in God, that God’s word is true, or that God’s covenant is his desire. We don’t believe God is with us.

We tend to think being most blessed is being in the best circumstances: a beautiful house, or well-paying job. However, the greatest blessing we could ever enjoy is being inside Christ and living the evangelist’s life. Similarly, we tend to trust doctors and other professionals more than God. Regardless of the varying truths about weight-loss, whatever we find online, we so easily trust them. Do we believe in God’s word? For many of us, we only know God’s word, but we don’t complete trust or believe it. Disbelief is simply not trusting in God. Jesus Christ came to resolve the fundamental problems of life: separation from God. He conquered death so we could be set free from our sins and curses. This Christ is with us. However, we still live like slaves to Satan and sins, disbelieving God’s word. Disbelief is Satan’s strategy to prevent us from receiving grace through worship.

When we hold on God’s word and covenant and receive grace, disbelief and Satan will crumble. When we’re filled with God’s grace, the small things that once bothered us will fade away, and what’s most important will come to light. When you live for Jesu live the life God created you to be.

Therefore, we need discernment. Discernment between what isn’t and is most important in our lives. Let’s pray that the center of our faith is not ourselves but God’s word. Continuously be alert and remind yourself of Christ, his love and calling. Realize how Satan works against us.

2. Hezekiah who overcame disbelief

King Hezekiah was one of the greatest kings of Israel. Regardless of hardship or difficulty, his faith never wavered. When faced with the threat of the Assyrian kings, he turns to the Lord and prays. In that same way, when we turn to the Lord in our problems, everything will fade away and will find all answers in him. However, before turning to the Lord, we listen to ourselves or others first. King Hezekiah prayed for God to reveal himself to the whole world as Lord over all. “May the name of Christ be revealed and exalted through our lives, our families and our church.” Let’s make this our prayer. When we pray, God’s Holy Spirit works and his angels are mobilized. Let’s be people who enjoy the power of prayer. That’s how we can live as witnesses.

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