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6/18/23 Grace in God’s Word (Ezekiel 47:1-12)


What flows from the temple is not just water, but the word of God. Wherever it reaches, everything comes alive. The world lacks the knowledge of God. What is the key idea of the bible? The gospel: Jesus is the Christ. The key to saving the world is to conclude our lives in Christ. When the living word of God penetrates the souls of the dead, they will come alive. Everyone is under God’s common grace, but God grants special grace of knowing Jesus Christ and accepting him as our savior to the select few.

1. Our life is dead without the Gospel

The bible shows us that all life, without the living water, is dead. In that same way, everyone in this world is spiritually dead. We may envy them, but without Jesus, they are all dead. In Ezekiel 37, God brought Ezekiel to a valley filled with dried bones, and although Ezekiel was doubtful, God commanded Ezekiel to prophesy to them, and they came alive. The dry bones symbolize the people of the world and their state of spiritual death.

What are symptoms of spiritual death? First, self-centeredness. We crave fame, power and recognition. Second, world-centeredness. People love the world and think enjoying the world trumps anything Jesus can give. We put Jesus on the backburner and prioritize ourselves. Third, success-centeredness, or success-driven. People prioritize their success over Jesus, or they hold on to Jesus, in hopes that he will help achieve their dreams. However, no matter how hard they try, all their hard work and sacrifice leads to failure.

How can these dry bones come alive? When we hear the truth: the gospel word of God. When we hear the word of God, our souls and bodies come alive. When we see the world through the lens of God’s word, we can see our true spiritual state: we are all dry bones. Then, how can we come alive?

2. When we drink the living water continually, everything will come alive

Wherever the water flowed, everything came alive. When we are soaked in the grace of God’s living water, we and everything around us will come alive. When you step into ankle deep water, you can easily move around. When the water reaches your chest, you need to follow the flow of the water. However, when the water is so deep it submerges you, you’re at the mercy of the waters. We need to completely submerge ourselves in God’s word.

This goes beyond just reading the bible. We need to understand and believe that Jesus is our Christ, the true prophet, priest and king who completely resolved the fundamental problems of man. He bore our sins and resurrected, completely removing our sins and curses. Therefore, there is no condemnation, for we have been saved from the law of sin and death. When this truth seeps into our being and every aspect of our lives, all of it will come alive. Our lives are soaked in the things of the world. Let’s be soaked with the word of God, with the power of God’s Holy Spirit. Then, our Christian lives can simply be enjoyed. Are we ankle-deep, or submerged in the word of God?

3. How can we enjoy this grace?

Everyday, we must renew our affection and thankfulness for our salvation. We have everlasting and eternal life in Jesus and nothing can separate us from God. We have been liberated from sin, curses and death. Then, why do we continue to live as slaves to Satan and the world? Let’s live as freed children of God. The world will become so much more beautiful when we realize God’s grace. Everything in our lives, from beginning to end, is by God’s grace.

Second, we must root ourselves in God’s word. Then, God will give us power. When the dried bones came alive in Ezekiel 37, they formed an army. God’s power is supernatural and beyond us. God’s power can work in our lives, helping us overcome ourselves.

Third, we must root ourselves in the everlasting covenant: Jesus is the Christ. The water does all the work: wherever it goes, everything is revived. Wherever we go, let’s raise disciples of all nations, because when the gospel is preached to all nations, Jesus will return and be glorified.


Let’s think about how God has poured his grace upon our lives. Let’s begin to apply God’s word into our lives. Let’s hold onto the Sunday pulpit message, soak and submerge ourselves in God’s word.

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