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8/22/21 We are Ambassadors for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:18-21)


It’s important that we realize once again who we are in Jesus Christ. What is in your heart? What is occupying it: Anxiety and fear? Or the love of God? We are set apart, different from the world. We are God’s children, meaning God’s presence is within us and Jesus has finished all of our life’s problems.

“He who knew no sin became sin so that we could become righteousness”

I hope that Christ becomes the master of your heart.

People will do anything for their consuming passions: take flights, drive long distances or wake up early in the morning. Our consuming passion must be the kingdom of God. We are not just ordinary people, but ambassadors for Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God. Then as ambassadors it is only rightful that our consuming passion is the kingdom of God. God’s calling to do world evangelism is a rightful blessing that given to ALL believers, nor is it optional. Jesus did not say “you might become my witnesses” but “you WILL become my witnesses”.

I had a lot of doubts regarding evangelism, but when I realized the gospel and enjoyed Jesus Christ, then evangelism just started taking place. When you and I are truly united with Christ, evangelism is the natural result, just as children are the natural result of marriage.

Hold on to God’s message as it is, rather than filtering what you want to listen to, or what’s most relevant to you.

1.God has Appointed You

God has appointed you as his ambassador, then who could go against God. Being an ambassador is not about being a good life. God is more powerful than your weakness and the sins you commit. When we are ambassadors, it is not by my strength. God uses our weaknesses and shortcomings to fulfill his will. We are not just ordinary Christians, but ambassadors of the most high God, and it is the greatest privilege that we can receive. Who are we that God would call me as his child and as his ambassador? It’s by God’s amazing grace. Live your life as an ambassador would.

What does it mean to be an ambassador? It means God recognizes you, as do angels and demons, but we are clueless to this spiritual reality. Whether you are struggling and swimming in problems, God recognizes you as an ambassador who belongs to Christ and the kingdom of God. When you are living as an ambassador you are living as a representative of God, with the background of Heaven. Therefore, we have nothing to fear because we belong to God and he is responsible for our lives. When we die, we will all stand before God and all that will matter is whether or not we have Jesus.

Money, fame and power dictate people’s lives, but God must dictate ours.

2. Representative of the Kingdom

We represent God’s kingdom. You’re not going to work to make money or get that next promotion but you are going to work as a representative of God’s kingdom. In the Bible, Joseph knew this while he was a slave and a prisoner. Pharaoh said about him: “Someone in whom is the Spirit of God”. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were captives in Babylon, but they lived as ambassadors of God.

When we say we are ambassadors, people recognize that identity, just as people can tell that we look Korean but live like an American. Don’t put up a front, saying you’re a good Christian, but God wants us to live a genuine and authentic life as an ambassador. How? By truly enjoying Jesus Christ, by making the kingdom of God as our number 1 priority. Because these are spiritual things, people will be able to recognize that the center of our hearts are different.

How can we enjoy the kingdom of God? By giving worship, not just Sunday but every day. Take time to spend one-on-one with God and be filled with his Holy Spirit. How can we enjoy Jesus Christ and his word? Through prayer and praise. Even in worship, it’s not the number of people who power the worship, but the Holy Spirit.

Acts 4:9 “We have seen what we have heard. We cannot remain silent”

3. Ambassadors of Reconciliation

People have broken relationships with God. We were created to be truly satisfied and happy in God alone but we became broken when sin entered and we left God. The result is manifested in broken relationships between people: in relationships, family and friends. To restore that relationship all we need to do is meet and accept Jesus Christ. As those who have reconciled with God, we have that message of reconciliation to share and heal others.


Let’s hold on to our identity as children of God, as ambassadors of God. What does that mean? We belong to God, and God has called us to save this age. Hold on to the world and let it control my life. We need to edit our lives with God’s word, plan with prayer and design with evangelism.

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