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6/19/22 Take Courage and Do Not Be Afraid (Mark 6:45-56)


It’s given that when we love someone, there’s excitement when we prepare to meet them. Then, why aren’t we thrilled to meet God on Sunday? Because Satan has made our hearts numbed. That’s why spiritual preparation is so important for worship. When we prepare our hearts to meet Jesus on Sunday, the answers and blessings that God has ready for us are greater. In today’s scripture reading, Mark reminds us who Jesus is.

1. Who is Jesus to you?

Not just Jesus according to the bible, or your parents or your pastor, but who is Jesus to you? The bible can tell us everything but if this isn’t your answer then it's useless. In the scripture reading, the heart’s of the disciples were hardened, and they did not understand. Without the complete conclusion that Jesus is your Christ, our walk of faith becomes religion. Christ has completely freed us from sin and curses, from Satan and the world. He has bore all of our shame and made the perfect way for us to meet God so we can restore our relationship with God and enjoy the true life we were meant to live. Then, who is Jesus to you? We know so much about Christ yet without the personal confession that he is our Christ, that knowledge is useless. The disciples were around Jesus yet were not with him. Mark reminds us that Jesus is the savior of our hearts and souls. However, the disciples only wanted a political Messiah who would liberate Israel from Rome. Let’s reflect on ourselves and come to the conclusion and personal confession that Jesus Christ is the savior of our souls.

2. How can we overcome the fears of life?

But when they saw him walking on the sea they thought it was a ghost, and cried out, for they all saw him and were terrified. But immediately he spoke to them and said, “Take heart; it is I. Do not be afraid.” And he got into the boat with them, and the wind ceased, and they were utterly astounded. (Mark 6:48-51)

As we live as children of God and live for God’s great desire of world evangelism on our covenant journey, we will still face countless hardships and difficulties until we return to heaven. However, in the midst of the fears in our lives, we have the secret to overcome them. We need to acknowledge that as children of God, we can become lost, but God gives us his word to reassure us. When the disciples were terrified, Jesus told the disciples “Take heart, it is I” and when he entered their boat, the wind calmed down. The bible tells us his love for us is everlasting and he will never let us go. When we come across a problem, we try to trust our instincts, and our prior knowledge but instead, let’s trust only God’s word to guide us through the storm. Let’s also communicate with God in prayer in the midst of the storm. When we hold on to his covenant and pray, God will fulfill his word and perform miracles. Jesus doesn’t tell us to just grin and bear it till we return to heaven, but to remember that he is with us, to trust his word and continuously communicate with him in prayer.

3. How can I enjoy the power of Christ in my life?

So many Christians try to trust Jesus only for miracles that are visible. However, we have already received the greatest miracles when we received Jesus. The miracles that God desires is for us to stand as witnesses and save and change peoples’ lives. The moment we trust and believe in Jesus, just as Jesus climbed into the boat, our problems no longer become our problem. Daily, we can see God’s miracles when we hold on to his word, and witness his work of redemption.


This week, let’s pray about the purpose of our lives as well as how God will lead our church in the future. God has led us by his perfect hand and will continue to lead us in the future. Let’s pray to leave behind the gospel culture for our generation.

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