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5/1/22 Jesus has power over death and every disease (Mark 5:21-43)


We see in the scripture reading that the synagogue ruler is coming to Jesus asking him to heal his daughter, as well as a woman who has been sick for twelve years. As we see how Jesus heals both of them, we need to realize and hold on to the Jesus Christ’s power of healing.

1. This world is dead and filled with spiritual sickness

The woman in the scripture reading had sought out many physicians, pouring out all her effort, time and money to be healed, but she only got worse. The woman is a reflection of the true state of the world. Apart from God, the bible says, people cannot be happy. They are afflicted with the spiritual sickness of emptiness, and turn to anything that could fill that emptiness. However, this is all in vain because the more they try to fill that emptiness, the greater it becomes. The bible tells us that there is nothing in this world that can heal this void but Jesus Christ. However, even though we’ve met Jesus Christ, we continue to seek our happiness in the world, and drift apart from God, resulting in unhappiness and dissatisfaction. No matter who we are, we are all spiritually dead and need Jesus Christ to be with God, for true happiness and complete satisfaction.

2. What we need the most is faith that only Christ can heal

The woman had tried everything to be healed and heard reports that Jesus Christ could heal her, and she has faith that all she needs to do is touch his clothes to be healed, and indeed when she touches his garments, her illness is healed. The moment we have faith in Christ and hold on to him, we can be completely healed. Faith is not blind or something we memorize, but faith is in Jesus who is the Christ, the perfect way to meet God, meaning we are with God. Satan attacks people in two ways: debilitating guilt and numbness. Some feel that they are too filled with sin to be saved, while others are so filled with sin that they no longer feel remorse. Whatever we’re facing today, we must have faith like the woman had. No physician could heal the woman, but Jesus could with just a single touch. In the same way, the synagogue ruler comes to Jesus begging him to heal his daughter, and although others tell him “Why bother Jesus? Your daughter is dead.”, Jesus tells him to go back and that his faith has healed his daughter.

3. The woman’s and synagogue ruler’s faith were strengthened

After Jesus heals the woman, he corrects her misunderstanding that his clothes healed her, but it was Jesus who healed her. Healing is not trusting in other things or people, but trusting only Jesus. Trust is the most essential part of our walk of faith. We thought we had to make things happen but Jesus has already finished everything, yet we continue to plague ourselves with disbelief, doubt and anxiety. In the midst of our problems and hectic schedule this week, let’s stop for a moment to ask ourselves: “Do I completely trust Jesus?”. Just like that woman’s life was completely changed, Jesus has given us a new life, with new ways. While the synagogue ruler is begging Jesus, they are told his daughter is dead, but Jesus tells him “Do not fear, only believe.” Let’s let the word of God be the center, guide and anchor of our lives. After having faith and seeing his daughter alive again, the synagogue ruler confirms and confesses in Jesus Christ. In that same way, we must confirm Jesus Christ, and in doing so, our faith grows.


All of our sins and curses were transferred to Jesus, and his righteousness was transferred to us when he died on the cross. With the new life Jesus has given to us, let’s live as a new creation, discarding our old ways and following the new ways.

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