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4/24/22 Jesus Heals the Demon Possessed Man (Mark 5:1-20)


So many Christians avoid talking about demons but the bible clearly gives evidence that there are demons and they are working to this day. In the scripture reading, there was a demon possessed man who was shackled to a tree in the wilderness. This demon possessed man serves as a representation of our spiritual state without Jesus. Freedom in Jesus Christ means freedom to give worship.

1. We must have the accurate spiritual knowledge to live in victory

Ephesians 2:2 “…in which you once walked, following the course of this world, following the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience.”

Knowledge is everything in a walk of faith. When we know who Christ is and what he did for us, then we are guaranteed victory. Although we cannot see it, Satan is continuously working not just through possession but is working in the hearts of everyone in the world, and people are trapped in darkness and emptiness, unable to free themselves. Their only solution is Jesus Christ. Satan also continuously works against the believers, preventing them from receiving grace. The bible tells us that we are engaged in a spiritual battle always until Jesus returns, but it is not against flesh and blood but against the invisible dark forces of Satan. The story of the demon possessed man serves to remind us of the invisible spiritual reality and battle we need to be fighting. There was no mental illness until we became separated from God. However, Jesus became the way for us to meet God, the way for us to be completely healed. However, this doesn’t mean we discard medicine altogether, because medicine is God’s gift to us. Jesus has the authority to chase out demons and completely heal us but unless we know the exact cause, which is invisible and spiritual, we cannot give the exact answer of Christ. The spiritual knowledge we must be equipped with is that there is a spiritual reality in which Satan is working, but Jesus already overcame him and saved us.

2. Let us enjoy the authority of Christ

Jesus died for all of our sins, overcame Jesus and is alive. Of course he is also at the right hand of God, but he is also within us, for us to enjoy. Satan’s strategy continuously is to use God’s word to deceive us, just as he did to Adam and to Jesus. However, unlike Adam, Jesus overcame Satan’s temptation with his word. However, Satan does everything to distract and scatter the mind from receiving his word, so let’s fight the spiritual battle to receive his word. Then, we can pray. Let’s no longer be abused and trampled by Satan, because our lives are precious. Let’s recognize the spiritual reality and use the authority of the name of Jesus Christ to fight the spiritual battle.

3. The two different responses after the healing of the demon possessed man

The demon possessed man was greatly suffering but no one could help him other than to tie him to a tree, feed him and say he’s helpless. However, when no one could help him, Jesus comes and heals him. What would the townspeople’s response be? They should have been amazed, saying that Jesus had the power of God, but instead they became afraid and asked Jesus to leave. The people’s reaction is a reflection of the people’s hearts today. People sin because they are bound by Satan yet they want to remain in sin and ask Jesus to leave. As Jesus is leaving, the demon possessed man asks to go with Jesus, but Jesus tells him instead: “Go home to your friends and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.” And indeed the man goes and proclaims about what Jesus did for him.

The two points we need to take away from the scripture today is that Satan, who destroys, has been completely crushed by Jesus, and that our salvation is eternal and no one can take it away. Just like the healed man, pray to enjoy the gospel, and live in victory with the mighty name of Jesus.


Let’s begin our life-saving battle, staking our lives for the kingdom of God. However, our victory is 100% guaranteed for victory in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. How? By restoring worship. Throughout the week, let’s stay spiritually alert as spiritual ambassadors, watchmen and doctors.

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