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4/10/22 Have you still no faith? (Mark 4:33-41)


What is that you most need? We may think it is good health, wealth, grades or a good job but the bible tells us what we most need is faith. Faith in Christ is the greatest blessing and victory in your life. We can see doing his ministry; performing great miracles and teaching the crowds.

1.The disciples’ unbelief

Jesus and his disciples sail out into the sea and come across a storm, and while the disciples panic and scramble to save themselves, Jesus is quietly napping. They question Jesus asking “Don’t you care if we drown?” They doubted Jesus’ love for them and were focused on the wrong things. The disciples had lost their faith in Jesus Christ. In that same way, we face so many storms with fear and anxiety, but when we turn to Jesus in faith, he grants us peace. Let’s throw away our disbelief. Let’s focus on the right things. So many people focus on the suffering of Jesus Christ but let’s look at the bigger picture. Jesus suffered and then resurrected, giving us salvation and eternal life. People tell the story of Noah and the Ark, but the focus is not the narrative, but the simple principle that all those who were in the Ark of Jesus Christ lived and all those outside of it died. The gift and calling Jesus gave to us is incomparable to anything in the world. Jesus died to break down our disbelief so let’s cast it away.

2. Truths that we must remember every day

Jesus tells his disciples “Let’s go to the other side”. If the disciples had remembered Jesus’ words and trusted them as he will absolutely protect and guide them through, then they would have faced the storm differently. After being awoken, Jesus turns to the storm and says “Peace, be still”, demonstrating his power of creation. He has the power to reconcile the broken relationship between us and God. The answer to the greatest problem of mankind being separated from God is hidden in his word, in his promises. However, we try to receive God’s word with our heads, rather than with our hearts. God’s word must not just remain swimming in our thoughts but penetrate our souls. Let’s remember that Christ is in our boat with us. He will lead us to the other side in our covenant journey. When we remember that truth everyday, we will have victory.

3. Faith is the key in our covenant journey

Whenever you’re struggling, facing life’s storms, how much do you cling to your faith? The disciples turn to Jesus calling him teacher, and Jesus comes and stops the storm. Mark reminds us that Jesus has the power of God, and is the Christ. We became separated from God and fell into a state of sin, of being apart from God, and we became spiritually dead and enemies of God. As a result, Satan works in our lives planting disbelief, not believing in God. Nothing in this world can fix these three problems. Therefore, God sent Jesus Christ as his anointed one: the true prophet, priest and king. Our faith is believing in Jesus, who, just as he promised, came, was crucified on the cross, resurrected and is with us. Realistically, this means we make Christ the master of our lives.

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