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3/5/23 The Main Figure of Passover (Mark 14:12-21)


We are God’s time schedule. Just as God orchestrated Paul’s meeting with Jesus and his life’s turning point, God has planned his turning point for us in our lives. Have we truly met Christ and have our lives changed? Many of us are like Judas. We may not betray Jesus, but we know Jesus is the Christ and the master, yet we don’t live with that truth.

1. The Promise and Fulfillment of God’s Word

The Passover commemorates Israel’s liberation from slavery under Egypt. Nothing, not even the plagues could free Israel. Only when they applied the blood of the young lamb were they finally freed. The Passover is God’s promise to us that he would send a Messiah. The Passover reveals the identity of Christ. In the scriptures, Jesus is in control and leads the Passover.

The disciples’ preparations for Passover was so easy, because Jesus prepared everything. In that same way, there is nothing for us to prepare in the gospel. God has already prepared salvation and is in complete control over our lives. People are filled with anxiety and worry because they do not know what will happen in their lives, but we have no need because we are in God’s hands. God promised that the gospel would be spread to all nations, and we would make disciples of all nations. We don’t need to make it happen. Because God promised it, we can trust that he will prepare and fulfill everything.

In the midst of his life’s greatest crisis, already knowing his betrayal, crucifixion and death, Jesus holds onto the word of God. In our life’s crises, don’t lean on other people, or try to make things happen, but lean on God and his word. When we face a problem, don’t tunnel vision into the problem, but hold onto and follow God’s word, just like Jesus. Jesus believed and obeyed God’s word without any compromise. God will carry us through, just like he carried Jesus.

2. Judas’ Heart Remained Unmoved

Like Judas, so many people’s hearts remain unmoved, even in the face of death. Jesus is not just condemning Judas, but all who share the same heart. Judas had so many opportunities to turn around, and Jesus even called him out beforehand. Jesus would have forgiven him, but Judas, instead of repenting, kills himself. Judas was continuously rejecting Jesus. We are Christians, but in many ways, we reject Christ. When we hear God’s covenant and desire, so many of us let it go in one ear and out the other, rationalizing why we don’t need to take God’s word to heart. Our own hearts are so numb that we can’t discern whether we are living a gospel centered life or a religious life. Restoring our lives starts with the pure gospel: realizing who Jesus is. Jesus is our Christ, our prophet, priest and king. We need to realize Christ is the only answer for our lives and the world. This was the truth Judas missed and the truth we must confirm for ourselves. When we say Jesus is the Christ, we are confessing we are freed from sin, and live the perfect life with God.

“And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12)

“I am the way the truth, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

3. Yield to Christ and not to Sin

Judas yielded to sin. As treasurer, he was in charge of the disciples’ money, and he idolized money. He was one of the disciples who criticized Mary earlier for anointing Jesus. We yield to sin because we don’t take God’s word seriously, and rationalize God will let it all pass because we’re already saved. However, in yielding to sin, sin becomes master over us, and we lose out on God’s prepared blessings. Sin isn’t just actions, but living against God’s will. Even when we’re doing good things, they are sin if they’re against God’s will. Then, what do I do? Gospel repentance: confessing we were going against God, and that we want to turn around and align our lives with God’s desire. Repentance is an important part of our walk of faith, and God sanctifies the believers with his Holy Spirit, and awakens our consciousness to make us more like Jesus.

In the gospel, there is repentance, forgiveness and restoration. Let’s make Jesus the main character and master of our lives.

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