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3/13/22 The Church that does the will of God (Mark 3:20-35)


Regardless of the size of a church, the church follows the will of God, and is used for his plan. There are three things for us to hold on to.

1.Jesus came to bind the strong man (22-27)

In the scripture reading, we see the Pharisees and the Scribes, who criticize Jesus for being insane and a blasphemer. However, Jesus tells us that he came to bind the forces of darkness. Satan has taken over a house, has captured and is abusing the people inside. In that same way, people are held captive by Satan and sin. We cannot overcome Satan to save them by our own strength, but only by the strength of Jesus Christ. Christ is already victorious over Satan, and so there is no need for us to continue to be abused by him. As children of God, Jesus Christ has purchased us by his blood and destroyed Satan’s authority, but Satan constantly invades our families, and our thoughts and tries to steal what is rightfully ours. And we just let it happen. In the name of Jesus Christ, freedom from and victory against Satan is guaranteed. True freedom is not in doing whatever we want to do but is in Jesus Christ. We see in the scripture that Satan’s time is terminal, and will end. Therefore, let’s stop being abused, recognize the real battle we need to fight, and engage in the spiritual battle with the name of Jesus Christ, because Jesus came to bind the strong man for us.

2. Disbelief and the unpardonable sin (28-30)

Unpardonable means unforgivable. Jesus explains in verse 28 that he can forgive all sins, except for blasphemy against the Spirit. Jesus explains simply, that there is absolutely only one way to receive salvation, and those who reject it will be condemned forever. You would think that people who are dying would reach out for Jesus, but still there are many who reject him. Jesus is not just a historical figure in a book, but is alive and working in our lives. There are varying reactions to Jesus: some say he’s crazy while some see Jesus as the Messiah, who came to save us.

3. Doing the will of God (30-35)

Jesus addresses those who are listening to him, to those who live to do the will of God, as his mothers and brothers. Westminster said that the chief end of man, that man’s greatest happiness is to give glory to God. There is no need for us to struggle to please God, because Jesus loved us first and all we need to enjoy, trust and walk with Jesus. God’s desire is simply for all to be saved, for those who have the gospel to share it, raise disciples and save this generation. When we prioritize God’s kingdom, we live for God’s desire and are members of one family in Christ. How can we do this? By staking our lives on worship. Going all in into our devotion and work for the Kingdom of God is everlasting.


How can we overcome Satan’s deception and live for the will of God? Through worship. As we give worship, our spirits are revived with grace and thanksgiving. God’s word gives us spiritual nutrition for our soul. Worship is a time when we are connected with the kingdom of God, and we receive a spiritual power by which we can overcome our weaknesses and circumstances and really shine the light of Jesus Christ in us.

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