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12/19/21 True Blessing of Christmas (Matthew 1:18-25)


As we celebrate Christmas, we need to understand the deeper meaning and true blessing of Christmas. People have lost the meaning of Christmas and have replaced it with the phrase “Happy Holidays”. There is no longer Christ in Christmas. People think that Christmas is a one-time event, but in Jesus Christ, Christmas is an everyday holiday of enjoying Christ.

1. Life Apart From God - State of Death

When God created us and placed us in the Garden of Eden, he created man differently from the rest of creation: he created us to be with God. Therefore, just as fish need to be in the water to live, we need to be in God to live. However, Satan deceived mankind, and we sinned against God and became separated from him, enslaved by sin and Satan. People say unfortunate events are simply bad luck but they are all curses that result from sin. The Israelites had no hope for their future because they were colonized by Rome. They struggled to live, blind to their spiritual death.

2. God’s Love and Redemptive Plan

God’s true love was fulfilled on Christmas Day. All of the prophecies regarding Jesus Christ were fulfilled on the day he was born. God loved us so much he gave his one and only son, Jesus Christ, who would die, resurrect and completely resolve our fundamental problems of sin, Satan and separation from God. Religion begins with man but the gospel starts from God. We fantasize thinking a manger is this clean barn but in reality they are completely dirty. They symbolize the state of our hearts, and when we receive Jesus into our hearts, he restores everything in our lives. Before Jesus’ coming, the entire world was covered in darkness. In the midst of that darkness, Jesus came as the light of healing and grace.

3. Let us enjoy the true blessing of Christmas

Therefore, what is the true blessing of Christmas that we need to enjoy? Enjoying Christmas is enjoying Immanuel, that God is with us. Because God is with us, we are guaranteed victors who possess the life and power of Jesus Christ. Just like Wawa’s are open 24/7, we need to enjoy Christ 24/7. Even in the midst of the greatest hardship, we can enjoy Christ. Enjoying Immanuel means holding on to his word. God’s word grants us the grace, strength and wisdom to overcome every problem. Jesus has prepared all the answers of evangelism for us, waiting for us to simply pray. The true blessing and answer God has waiting for us are disciples, true healing, and saving the next generation, as exemplified in the Early Church.


Let’s enjoy Christmas every single day.

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