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11/6/22 King and His Kingdom (Mark 11:1-11)


Our spiritual address, where we are residing, determines everything. Am I residing in faith, in God’s kingdom? Or am I residing in disbelief and the kingdom of the world? When I am truly in Jesus, all of our problems and circumstances become open doors and answers. Israel was surrounded by so many hostile nations. When the Israelites were not in the covenant, the hostile nations around them enslaved and colonized them but when the Israelites were in the covenant, those hostile nations became doors to answers. Let’s reside in Christ.

We see in the passage Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem to be crucified, according to the scriptures.

1. Christ Came as the King According to the Word of God

Christ’s entry is not a coincidence, but is exactly according to God’s word. We think the world revolves around the powerful leaders of the world, but ultimately the world and the history of mankind revolves around God’s word.

“Then in haste, every man of them took his garment and put it under him on the bare steps, and they blew the trumpet and proclaimed, ‘Jehu is king.’” (2 Kings 8:13)

Jesus comes into Jerusalem and the people give him a king’s entry, laying down their cloaks. However, why does Jesus come riding a donkey? Most leaders would enter on a horse. Jesus’ entry on a donkey was prophesied beforehand.

“The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, until tribute comes to him, and to him shall be the obedience of the peoples. Binding his foal to the vine and his donkey’s colt to the choice vine, he has washed his garments in wind and his vesture in the blood of grapes.” (Genesis 49:10-11)

Mark wrote this scripture to show that everything that happened was the fulfillment of God’s word, even now. We are so captivated and moved by what the world says. As Christians, let’s be tuned to and connected to the word of God.

At the time, the Israelites did not know who Christ really was, as do many Christians today. Having a vague understanding of Christ and the gospel results in a confused walk of faith. Let’s have an accurate understanding of who Christ really is. Christ is not just a message, but the power of God.

The Israelites cried “Hosanna”, meaning “Lord, save us”. However, they were not asking for personal salvation, but for political revolution and liberation from Roman colonization. They were looking for a physical, rather than a spiritual messiah.

Then let’s ask ourselves: who is Jesus to me? Is Christ truly reigning me, my family and my church? However, so many people are reigned by themselves, what others think of them, money or fame. As Christians, let’s be reigned by Christ, God’s word and his kingdom, because God called us and set us apart to be used by him for world evangelism.

Let’s have sure confidence that Jesus is the Christ, and he completely conquered Satan. When we have sure confidence in who Christ is, we can be victorious in everything in our lives. Let’s have confidence in God’s word, and let Christ reign over my hearts as my King of kings, Lord of Lords and Prince of peace. The sign Jesus is reigning over our hearts is peace. Let’s check our walk of faith and our priorities.

2. The Power and Glory of God’s Kingdom

As a king, the world says he should come with power and force. How else could you overthrow Rome and the spiritual-political leaders? Israel had so many rulers, but ultimately they all perished. The only thing that is everlasting is God’s Kingdom. Therefore, we must live for the power and glory of God’s Kingdom, which will last forever.

There are times when we ask ourselves? What are we doing? Why are we doing it? Let’s remind ourselves that it is for the kingdom of God. As those who belong in the kingdom, do we cheer and root for the kingdom of God? Many of us don’t because we’re not living for the kingdom of God. Often, we work for money, or personal gain or to avoid punishment. We say we love Jesus and live for all nations but if we look at our nations, we’re spiritually numb and insensitive to our own hypocrisy. When we go to school or work, we do so to be living witnesses of God’s kingdom. I pray we may restore true happiness in Jesus Christ. Regardless of the problems around us, let’s remember our future is guaranteed and dwell in God’s promises. Let’s open our eyes to see that Christ truly is the only answer, and why we need to evangelize.

3. Let Us Enjoy and Resolve

Let’s enjoy God’s covenant and desire for world evangelism. When we do so, God will open up doors. In Christ, nothing we do is in vain, because God recognizes us.


How can we change ourselves or our field? It’s impossible, but everything is possible in Christ. Let’s restore true worship, where those answers are hidden. Let’s be consumed by God’s desire for world evangelism, like the Early Church. When you worship with the covenant, God will break down all the forces of darkness and work in your life.

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