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11/28/2021 Hezekiah’s Prayer (2 Kings 19:14-20, 35)


The biggest problem we face in the world is a spiritual problem. We have everything in the world but we are starved of spiritual life and blessings. The greatest life we can live is in Jesus Christ, but we don’t enjoy life even though we’ve been given it. For students, their biggest priority is grades. However, for children of God, our greatest priority should be receiving grace. With grace, we can enjoy abundant life even in the midst of our problems. As we sang, the steadfast love of the lord never ceases and his mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning. Satan, however, attacks us by stealing this grace from us, distracting us from hearing God’s word.

1.Hezekiah was in the covenant

King Hezekiah is a king who held onto the covenant. We have God’s heavenly mandate to save this generation with the gospel, and it is our identity. The world sees us through the standard of our level of education or background. However, God sees us through the simple standard of whether or not we have Jesus.

2 Kings 8:1-8 King Hezekiah is a king who proclaimed God’s word. Idols covered all of Israel in darkness but he fights against them, and relied on Jehovah, keeping the commandments.

We are not people who follow the standard and ways of the world. We are people of God who follow Christ. Why do live such spiritually weak lives? Because Satan is constantly attacking us. However, when we remember who we are, we can fight the spiritual battle. We are people of God’s covenant, walking with Jesus and enjoying him.

2. Hezekiah faces a major crisis

Hezekiah comes across a huge problem. Assyria is about to attack Judah (Israel). He falls into disbelief seeing all the soldiers trying to invade them and in that moment, he decides to not rely on prayer but his own strategy and methods. He falls into humanistic methods rather than turning to God. We, too, are like King Hezekiah, relying on our strength instead of God’s.

2 Kings 18:21 King Hezekiah asks the nation of Egypt for help. However, the nation was filled with idols. We, too, rely on the people of earth.

3. Hezekiah begins to pray holding on to the covenant

In the scripture reading, he realizes his mistake and remembers who he is, and turns to God. When we say we are children of God, we hold on to the covenant that Jesus is the Christ. Whatever problem we’re facing has already been solved by God. God allows problems to serve as opportunities for us to experience the power of God.

2 Kings 19:15 The most powerful prayer we can make is the confession of faith, and it is the confession that Satan fears the most. God hears Hezekiah’s confession of faith, just like he hears ours.

When we align our lives with God’s will, God pours on us amazing answers, and spiritual wealth. Living our lives in the direction of God means living for God, testifying the name of Jesus, saving lives that are lost. When we make that confession that he is our lord, our shepherd , our lives become no longer our own but God’s.

2 Kings 19:35 Just like King Hezekiah, when we let go of our disbelief and turn to God in prayer holding on to the covenant, God works his miracles to fulfill the covenant.


As we turn away from the things that hinder us, turn towards God’s direction and plan and God will work in our lives. Set up a time to spend time with God, lay down everything we burden and remember God’s promises like King Hezekiah.

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