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11/21/2021 Give thanks in all Circumstances (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)


Everyone holds on to even the smallest complaints and it completely inhibits them from giving thanks. An ungrateful heart is one of the greatest illnesses of the heart. People are falling apart not from lack of knowledge but from lack of thanksgiving. The first level of giving thanks is giving thanks for the things we see. The second level of giving thanks is giving thanks for Jesus Christ, and the greatest thanks we need to give is for Jesus’ suffering for us. Let’s restore holding on to Jesus’ life and Jesus’ power which has been given to us. Let’s restore thanks in three things.

1.Thankful for Christ

When we realize everything is in Jesus, that is when we begin to receive true answers. He is the perfect way to meet God, and we have complete victory and freedom in Jesus Christ. Let’s be thankful for our new identities as children of God and authority in the name Jesus Christ. We have the mystery to enjoy Christ no matter what circumstances, and enjoy guaranteed victory because of God’s covenant. We may come across difficult circumstances and problems but all we need to do is turn to God and he will restore everything. We can do all things in Christ. How can we really rejoice always? It’s impossible but with the mystery of Christ, we are able to truly rejoice always, and give thanks in all circumstances because God is leading us every moment, and is with us. All because of Jesus Christ.

Romans 8 Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. Hardship difficulty or angels or demons. Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ

Let’s restore correct prayer topics with assurance, because we have guaranteed victory in Jesus Christ.

2. Thankful for Blessing of Meeting

Are we truly thankful for meeting God and the people in our lives? The world says the people we meet determine our lives: friends, teachers, or partners. We believe in the sovereignty of God and the people we meet are all people God has guided us to meet within his plan. We need to see the people around us with that lens, that these are all people God has allowed us to meet. Nothing is a coincidence. Therefore, there’s no need to criticize the people around us but instead embrace them because God has brought them to us.

3. Thankful for faith in the Covenant Journey

God has promised that through his church he would make his people witnesses. We can give thanks because we know God will do everything. God has called our church together to relay the accurate gospel. In the mystery of prayer, we are able to overcome all things.

Phil 1:6 He who began the

Isaiah Who shall I send? Here am I, send me


Let’s hold on to two things.

First, let’s change our thoughts. If we remain pessimistic or negative, our judgement becomes clouded and we make mistakes. Instead, let’s give thanksgiving and have a heart of constant thanks.

Second, challenge difficult circumstances with prayer. God destroyed the walls of Jericho and split the Red Sea. God will absolutely work in the same way for those who challenge with prayer.

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