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10/31/21 Arise and Shine the Light of Christ (Isaiah 60:1-4)


The light that is referenced in the scripture reading is the light of Jesus Christ, which existed even before creation. This light is already in you, yet we misunderstand thinking we need to achieve by working for it. The moment you received Jesus Christ in your heart, the light of Christ entered into you and your identity changed, freeing us from slavery under sin, Satan and hell. Regardless of our problems and circumstances, let’s come to the light of Christ and be healed.

You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

1.The light of Christ is in you

When we received Jesus in our hearts, it wasn’t just him we received but Jesus’ life, eternal life. Neither money nor fame can bring happiness, but only Jesus can give us true happiness and liberation from darkness. Yet, as Christians, we continue to live in the darkness. The entire world is covered in thick darkness.

God has blessed us as ambassadors, to shine the light. (1 Peter)

Acts 13 One person who believed in Christ saved their entire family.

God has called us to shine the light into the thick darkness that plagues the world. However, we cannot shine the light of Christ if that light is irrelevant to us. We need to enjoy the light we were given, no matter the circumstances.

We need to understand the true, deeper problem of Satan behind the problems we see in the present (family, society, etc.). When we see the true problem that everyone is separated from God, we can then give the true solution of Jesus Christ.

Having the light of Jesus means you have his authority to cast out darkness. We are children of the living God, who knows all our weaknesses and will give us true strength that can be found nowhere else. Therefore, let’s shine the light of Christ and heal the brokenness around us.

2. Where shall we shine the light?

First, we need to shine the light towards the remnants, our future generation. The world is heading towards the interfaith movement to combine all religions. Mental illness is only worsening and will continue to worsen.

Isaiah 7:14 Shining the light of Christ, the light of Salvation

Matthew 7:1-8 When the light faded, all that was left was Jesus.

So many Christians, instead of enjoying the new life that was given to them, obsess over do’s and don’ts. October 31st marks Redemption Day, the day when Martin Luther posted his 95 theses, arguing against the annulments the Catholic Church sold, arguing that our salvation is not by our righteousness, but by God’s.

Isaiah 6:26 We need to shine the light on the idols of the world. Idols are anything that replace God.

Isaiah 61:22 We need to shine the light on the finances of the world. The economy of the world is moving towards darkness. Let’s restore the economy that will save.

Isaiah 60:1-2 We need to shine the light on all the nations of the world.

3. God has promised three miracles to His people

In the scripture reading, Isaiah, the prophet, is mourning the Israelites, saying they have become captive because they have forsaken God and his will. We, too, have no other choice but to live as captives to the world when we live without enjoying the light of Christ, and fulfilling the calling God has given to you. God will use your lives to reveal his glory and truth to the world.

Second, we will see all nations coming alive through the gospel.

Third, God will bless our finances. God will provide everything we need in our lives to stand as witnesses. Therefore, don’t be tied down by money or by what people say.


Let’s do two things. First, restore true faith. God knows all our situations and circumstances and has resolved them all through Jesus Christ. Second, make way.

Isaiah 60:2 Let’s get rid of all the stumbling blocks in our walk of faith and lay them down before the lord, whether it’s our stubbornness or weakness, because the light of Christ has shined upon us.

Hold on to the promise of the light of Christ as your own, and it will absolutely be fulfilled in your life.

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