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8/29/21 God Works Through Those Who Hold onto the Covenant (Acts 1:1-14)


Many Christians misunderstand that their walk of faith is something they need to put great effort into. We are saved because we hold on to God’s promises. “For God so loved the world…” (John 3:16) Our Christian life is all about holding on to God’s promises. There was a large movement led by people known as The Promise Keepers, who argued that they “need to keep their promise with God”, but the movement didn’t last long. It is not us who need to keep his promise, but God who fulfills it. All we need to do is hold on to his promises. What kind of promises, covenants do we need to hold on to?

1. Jesus is the Christ (v. 1-2)

Luke was a doctor who authored the Book of Luke and Acts. His reference to his previous writing in verse 1 of the scripture reading is the Book of Luke, which was all about Jesus Christ. When none of our own righteousness, wealth or power could resolve the fundamental problem of man. God sent Jesus, who completely resolved our problems of sin, Satan and separation from God. Jesus suffered for us to wash away our sins, and it is by his grace that we are able come and stand before God today. He completely crushed Satan’s head so we no longer are under Satan’s rule and abuse. We are now children of God. This was the truth and promise that the Early Church held on to, in the midst of their problems and persecution.

2. Jesus is Alive (v. 3)

The second thing the Early Church held on to was that Jesus resurrected and is alive and present with us today. Without that truth, there is no power in our walk of faith. Check yourself: do I really believe with all my heart that Jesus is my Christ? Behind all of my problems is God’s plan and if God is with us and for us, then what can stand against us? Therefore, all of our problems have been resolved. Not even our weakness or our shortcomings or powers of this world can block God’s plan. Jesus is not just someone in the Bible but is alive, with us and working in us today.

3. The Kingdom of God (v. 3)

Jesus was with his disciples and taught them for 40 days about the Kingdom of God before ascending back into heaven. People misunderstand that heaven is just a place we go to when we die but we can enjoy the kingdom of God while we are alive in our hearts. The kingdom of God is established wherever we are and go, whether in our families or our workplaces, because we are ambassadors of God.

4. Only the Power of the Holy Spirit (v. 8)

When the disciples ask if Jesus was going to restore the kingdom in Israel, he rebukes them, saying it’s not for them to know, but tells them to instead fix their attention on receiving the filing of the Holy Spirit, so they can stand as witnesses to the entire world. Witnesses are now just people who know but people who have experienced. We live for the kingdom of God while we are on earth and the method God gave us is the Holy Spirit.

5. Return of Jesus

Verse 9-11

The disciples saw Jesus ascending into heaven and heard from the angels that Jesus will return the same way. We need to li


Now that the Early Church had all the answers, they prayed holding onto these promises, asking God to fill them with his Holy Spirit, for God’s kingdom to be established in their lives, confessing that Jesus is their Christ and is alive and with them.

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