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7/3/22 Hold Onto the Covenant and See the Works of God (Joshua 10:1-15)


As we hold on to the covenant, we can see the works of God in our field. God is alive and is with us and working in our lives. When we hold on to the covenant, we can realize our purpose, direction and goal. We’re not just living in this world to be good Christians and serve the church. God has a covenant journey prepared for us and as the sustainer of life, he has kept us alive for his purpose of world evangelism.

1. Our present reality and the covenant

It’s so easy to see our problems and circumstances just as they appear. Joshua led the Israelites into Canaan, first through Jericho and now to face five kings who have allied themselves against Israel. Rather than seeing the problem as it is, we need to open our eyes to see how God led and fought for Israel as they crossed the Red Sea, passed through the wilderness and conquered Jericho, and realize he will continue to do so.

Many people receive salvation but they see that their present reality hasn’t changed and lose hope. Instead, try holding on to God’s covenant and discover that it gives hope and strength. As Joshua held on to God’s covenant, he experienced its power. Our greatest difficulties are the greatest opportunities to hold on to God’s covenant as our own and experience personally that God is with us with power. Let’s hold on to the accurate covenant of God, not just work diligently. When we restore the accurate covenant, the walls of Jericho will fall and we will see the answers God has prepared for us.

2. Prayer of faith and confession

Verse 12

Many of us misunderstand prayer. They think it’s just about asking God for things, but in the scripture, Joshua gives God a prayer of confession and faith. We see this kind of prayer demonstrated in Matthes 16:16 in Peter’s confession and in Acts 3 in Peter’s confession before the crippled man. Let’s give God that same prayer, confessing our love and faith, dedicating our lives to him.

Rather than solutions to our problems, the greatest answer we can receive as children of God when we hold on to the name of Christ in the midst of our greatest hardship is peace that can be found nowhere else.

3. You will be able to witness unprecedented answers

Verse 14

Joshua received the unprecedented answers, answers that were never before and never will be. Daniel, while in Babylon, received the true answer of being a missionary for the nation of Babylon. As we look at examples in the bible, we need to have a heart of anticipation, wondering how God will use you, your family and your church to fulfill his desire. Don’t be deceived by your present reality, by what you immediately see.


When Joshua proclaimed for the sun and moon to stop, he dedicated and staked his entire life for the kingdom of God. When we have the attitude of wholeheartedness, our priorities will change. Let’s open our eyes to see our spiritual reality that God is with us, pray our confession of faith and experience the unprecedented answers God has prepared for us.

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