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12/12/21 Answers to Save the Age (1 John 5:15)


A walk of faith was not meant to be stagnant but living and flowing. When we pray, we give God a filled list with all our desires. However, true prayer is giving God an empty sheet of paper, asking God to take over our lives. Let’s ask ourselves “Am I receiving answers?”. Answers are our way to receive strength and assurance to overcome our most difficult circumstances. Lack of answers result in a heart full of complaints, and force believers to fake their answers.

1.God has prepared unimaginable answers

The truest answer is receiving God’s grace daily through worship. Grace gives us strength and clarity of mind and discernment to overcome any hardship. As believers, we need to treat grace as though it were our lifeline that we cling to. So many people see Jesus from a distance, instead of going up close and experiencing him. God has called us as his children, to shine his light, yet we struggle to pray. Why? Because of disbelief, and doubt regarding God’s ability. This is Satan’s strategy and the only way to combat this is by receiving grace. People have so much uncertainty about their future, but for the children of God, our future is guaranteed. God the creator knows what’s best for me and has given us the answer of Jesus Christ. Christ is not distant but is in you yet we struggle to enjoy him because Satan deceives us with disbelief. Let’s remember that we are people of the covenant, belonging to God, and as his children, God desires to give us the greatest answers of peace and joy in Jesus Christ, and Immanuel. As children of God, we have the right to enjoy grace every day. All we need to hold on to his covenant and we are within God’s greater time schedule of world evangelism.

Call to me and I will answer you and show you unimaginable things

2. How can we receive answers?

We need to hold on to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Unless we are children of God, God cannot answer you. The gospel is nothing else but that Jesus is the way to meet God and be freed from the fundamental problems of sin, Satan and hell. We live as spiritual zombies, following whatever we see because we aren’t enjoying the gospel of Jesus Christ. Instead, God calls us to live as revived souls who shine the light, with a different vision in life. With this new vision, the way we see our problems and our field changes. We can see the real problem and why God called you to where you are today. That’s when our prayer will begin to change. Instead of praying for what we desire, we pray for what God desires. We need answers not for ourselves but to save our field and the people around us. Noah, for example, was called by God to build the Ark in an age when people lived for their own desires. Even while being mocked for building a boat on a mountain, Noah held on to God’s command and promise. Ezekiel, experienced the word of God reviving dry bones and God’s greatest desire to save. Even though it seems like we have nothing like the Early Church, the Bible shows us the truth that people God used and had victory were people who held on to God’s covenant and Jesus Christ. God has called all believers to do the same work.

3. We will receive the correct and rightful answers

What are correct and rightful answers? The first is that our fundamental problems of being under sin and curses, and being separated from God are resolved. Therefore, everything we face in our lives has been resolved already in Jesus Christ but Satan tries to deceive us. We all carry a multitude of scars. All we need to do is turn to Jesus and receive healing. Then, all of our stumbling blocks and failures become a platform to change and save others. As a result, thanksgiving is restored. We try to hold on to Jesus to become successful but the truth is we have already succeeded the moment we held on to Jesus. Let’s ask ourselves: Are our lives in God’s plan? Are we receiving answers where we are? Evangelism is quietly enjoying Christ where we are and doing the word movement. Changing people is not about our own methods, but about receiving God’s grace first.


Let’s build a daily system to have a rhythm of receiving grace. Once you have a rhythm going, you can continuously receive grace, combat Satan’s deception and experience answers.

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