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10/24/2021 The Witness of “Only” (Acts 1:1-8)

Introduction: 3 Most important things an Evangelist must remember

  1. Flow of the word - Rather than great effort, follow the flow of the word.

  2. 24 - Rather than many complicated things, concentrate on only one thing that God desires and do it for 24 hours. (Limited Concentration)

  3. Prayer - Rather than having many thoughts, change them into prayer.

Ultimately, the gospel simplifies our lives.

1. Witness of “Only Christ”

  1. Why Only Christ?

  2. There are so many problems that seem impossible for us to solve

  3. God entrusted these people to those who understand the fundamental problem and solution

  4. Acts 4:12 “There is no other name under heaven by which we must be saved” There is no one else who can block Satan, curses, disasters, destiny and spiritual problems.

  5. Because Christ is Unique Solution of Fundamental problems of Our Lives

  6. King - Power of all powers, crushed the head of Satan (1Jn 3:8, Heb 2:14-15)

  7. Prophet - Unique and only way to meet God (Jn 14:6)

  8. Priest - Perfect liberation, Old Testament offering needed to be done annually, but Christ’s sacrifice is once-and-for all (Rom 8:1-2, Mk 10:45)

  9. Personally experience for yourself that it truly is “only Christ”

  10. Unique Method to Heal Incorrect Imprint

  11. Imprinted with worldly things (Gen. 3,6,11)

Imprinted with other things (what you see, hear and read)

Imprinted with wrong things (powerlessness, scars from failure)

  1. Matthew 16:13-20

  2. Things to discard (Ideology of John the Baptist, Elijah, Jeremiah and other prophets)

  3. Things to possess (Only Christ)

  4. Things to enjoy (Rock, gates of hades, keys to the kingdom)

  5. Imprint ourselves with “Only Christ” instead

2. Witness of “Only Kingdom of God”

  1. Daniel who enjoyed the kingdom of God in blessing of spiritual summit (Dan 6:10-22)

  2. Invisible power that saves the field (Dan 6:10) - Knew king had signed decree, yet just “as it was done before”, Daniel prayed 3 times a day, with his windows open. Continued giving deep prayer, no matter the circumstance.

  3. Power that saves people in high positions (Dan 6:16, 20-22) - King Darius witnessed for himself the power of almighty God who saved Daniel from Lion’s Den

  4. Power that saves all people

  5. Joseph who was shown God’s evidence of Kingdom of God in lowest place

  6. Gen 39:1-6 The Lord was with Joseph and blessed everything he did, (manifestation of God’s kingdom in my field - my walk of faith) Enjoyed God being with him wherever he went

  7. Gen 40:1-22 - Kingdom of God in prison

  8. Gen 41:1-38 - Stood before Pharaoh as a witness, and gave answer

  9. Gen 45:1-5 - Became governor and gave answer to the world

  10. Moses who enjoyed Kingdom of God in covenant journey

  11. Exodus 2:1-10 (40 years in the palace)

  12. Exodus 3:1-18 (40 years in the wilderness - time alone in deep prayer with God, springboard and platform for the rest of his life)

  13. Exodus 5:1- Exodus 12:46

3. Witness of “Only Filling of Holy Spirit”

Answers begin to take place when we realize why it is “Only Holy Spirit” (Acts 1:8)

  1. Forces of Darkness and Satan actively working 24 hours enslaving all people (Jn 16:11, Eph 2:2, Jn 8:44, Act 10:38, Heb 2:14)

  2. Therefore, our battle is a spiritual battle not against flesh and blood but against the forces of darkness (Eph 6:12)

  3. Promises of the Bible - Authority that is given to believer

  4. Only Filling of the Holy Spirit

  5. Genesis 41:38

  6. 1 Sam 16:13

  7. Ex 3:1-8

  8. 2 Kings 2:9-11

  9. Daniel 6:10-22

  10. 2 Cor 12:1-10

  11. 1 Sam 3:19, 7:13

  12. Acts 2:1-47


  1. Enjoy the mystery of “Only Christ, Kingdom of God, and Filling of Holy Spirit”

  2. Begin Limited Concentration - concentrating on only what God wants and needs

  3. Enjoy 24 Pilgrim’s prayer

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