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1/29/2023 Into God’s 25 (Acts 2:1)


There is no actual 25th hour term in the bible, but its concept is there. When we enjoy the gospel 24 hours, we enter into God’s time. In the scripture it says “in God’s time”. Only in God’s time can we go beyond our limits and save the world.

We don’t deserve God’s grace but Jesus reached out to us, and it’s not because we’re better than others. There’s no way for us to know why, that’s why we call it God’s grace. Therefore, it’s not because of what I can do, but because of what God does in his time schedule. Then, let’s enter into God’s time schedule of him working in my life.

In God's perfect time, he has prepared disciples around us. As we think about the field, which seems impossible to change, we need to remember that it’s not by our persistent prayers or our strength, but God’s.


How can we enter into God’s 25?

  1. Holding on to word = Covenant

What promise did the Early church hold on to?

  1. Only Christ

  2. Only the Kingdom of God

  3. Only power of the Holy Spirit

  4. Held on to God’s word, prayed together and entered into God’s 25.

  5. Through Prayer

    1. Transcending conflicts/crises

    2. Knowing the spiritual battle and fighting

    3. Into the amazing spiritual background

    4. Enjoying the absolute covenant

      1. As you pray, confirm God’s covenant of Christ (everything is finished)

  6. Experience in Field

    1. Only Jesus - only answer

    2. Only God’s method - biblical method of evangelism


Let’s enter into God’s time schedule and be witnesses of God’s power and make the confession: yet not I, but through Christ in me.

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